August 5, 2011

Robotic Pirate Monkey Tour

Robotic Pirate Monkey Buried Treasure Tour


May/June 2011

Robotic Pirate Monkey

Formed In Early 2010, Robotic Pirate Monkey has flown to the top of the electronic music scene in the Denver area and now it’s time for them to go national. With opening support from Thick Chick and Skywalker, Robotic Pirate Monkey is officially announcing a California Summer Tour!

For six weeks in May and June, RPM will be cruising all over the great state of California, bringing you their newest sounds and introducing California to a new era of Electronic Music.


Thick Chick, also just over a year old as an act, is the electro dance project of Huntsty and BuckWilde. Childhood friends Hunter Philips and Tucker Wilde have shared the stage with Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Savoy, 12th Planet, MO:Rockin’, VibesquaD, and Fresh2Death.

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James Burnell, aka Skywalkerr, is a highly diverse Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Electro, and House DJ. Originally From Santa Barbara, California, he now lives in Boulder, Colorado, playing his trade on a weekly basis. Anybody that has seen Skywalkerr live can tell you that every one of his shows is different, but each one has a guarantee of heavy bass and face melting.

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