March 20, 2012

Ella Fitzgerald – Sunshine of Your Love (TWO REMIXES) – Funky Electronic Hip-Hop and Breaks

Ella Fitzgerald – Sunshine of Your Love

Cee-Roo Remix

Straight from Switzerland, Cee-Roo creates funky hip-hop beats and its a wonder that he’s not on PLM.  This remix he made is quite impressive and unfortunately, we missed it until now.  Here you go people, this guy is going to take over.

cee-roo ella fitzgerald

Marcutio Re-Remix

This is remix of the Cee-Roo track from Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Marcutio.  It has a much harder sound then the original track and brings a more futuristic sound.  There is alot more bass presence in this particular remix.  Thanks for sending this to us Marcutio.

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